What’s Your Life Verse?

One of my favorite Bible verses, in whichever translation you pull up, is 2 Timothy 2;2. It’s a life verse to me. It sets my purpose, is personal and profound, and is factored into all of my plans.

Wanted 05.06.20

Imagine the Classified Section of “Heaven’s Chronicles.” One ad for employment reads something like this.

Home Alone 2020

Slow down. Better still; STOP! Sometimes it’s just fitting to go into self-imposed, Spirit-imposed, or other-imposed quarantine.

He’s Got You Covered

Have you noticed that an oft-repeated Bible verse, during the pandemic, comes from Psalms 91? Much of the chapter ministers to us today but here I consider one main thought.

Our Known God in Unknown Times

Pick up a newspaper. Tune into a radio station. Surf the Net. Dreary stories are plentiful. The economy plummets. The pandemic provokes panic. Political chaos prevails. Extortionists plunder. Catastrophes produce pressure. It is easy to be caught in despair, depression, and desperation. We live in unsettling times. However, there are a couple things to remember. God’s Word remains the same. It is forever settled. God never slumbers or sleeps (Psalms 121:4). We can put our confidence in Him and His Word.

Praying the Word for the Unreached World

What do Angola, Afghanistan, Bermuda, Algeria, Turkmenistan and the Gambia (among others) have in common? These are nations or territories that are unreached or minimally reached. How will we reach them? First things first. Paul said, “First of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men” (I Timothy 2:1).

James Poitras

James Poitras

Director of Short-Term Missions and Education

With an extensive background in Short-Term and Long-Term missions, Jim has his eye on improving ways to get laborers to the harvest in greater numbers than ever before. He leads a team of 6 office staff, two interns, and over 700 global Short-Term missions personnel.