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August 23-24, 2019
GoNEXT Seminar – MI
Burch Run

Providing a PATHWAY to the Harvest. Creating a COMMUNITY of Laborers.


  • Ready to spend 8 weeks moving a little deeper into missions from AYC?
  • Interested in a summer program that includes training and the opportunity to do the work of a missionary?

The Next Steps program is likely for you.


  • Ready for a 2-12 month overseas appointment?
  • Need to raise funds or have a way to work while you’re on the field?

Submit your AIM application today.

Processing can take 8-12 weeks,
so don’t delay.

Go! center

  • Want to use your skills,  talents and life experience?
  • Does location matter?

Check out our Go!Center. If you don’t see anything listed that catches your attention, fill out the AIM  Interest form and one of our volunteer Go!Center coaches will get back to you.

Short-Term Missions Stats

  • GOAL: 1,000 Short-Term Missionaries Appointed 72%
  • 2019 Next Steps Participants Approved, Max 46 — Deadline January 31, 2019 33%
  • Global ConNEXTions Weekend Registration 42%

AIMers and Next Steps Participants % by Region

*Updated monthly; does not include Associated Ministers* and Global Educators Network**













*Associated Ministers is a program for UPCI licensed ministers who travel overseas on a regular basis. Please contact us at for more information. 
**Global Educators Network provides guest lecturers and trainers to over 500 Bible schools endorsed by the Global Association of Theological Studies (GATS). If you are a teacher or minister interested in serving as a guest lecturer or summer instructor, please visit the AIM website and fill out an AIM Interest form.

Is NEXT STEPS your next right step?

I wasn’t confident in the giftings God has placed in me throughout my entire life. Now, I know, that as long as I am willing, He will use me in whatever capacity I make myself available to be used. I am in an “in-between” phase at the time being, but I am not afraid. Next Steps gave me direction in the fact that I can grow where God has planted me, and that He will place me in my “next step” in His perfect timing. I do not fear.

Hannah Sanford

2018 Next Steps: Tanzania

I would recommend Next Steps to anyone interested in missions because it is a safe place to immerse yourself in a field without the fear of being left alone not knowing what to do. The team of mentors and friends you gain from the experience is invaluable.

I was abundantly blessed by this experience and I believe that greater things are in store for this program!

Jane-Claire Turner

2018 Next Steps: Sri Lanka


Interested in receiving a 60 or 100 hour TESOL Certificate so you can teach English abroad on AIM or  while you’re preparing for your overseas appointment?